About Us

Company overview

Tiger Shoji is a subsidiary of Matsushima Holdings which is a well-established automotive retailer, service provider and exporter from Japan. Based in Kyoto Japan, Matsushima Holdings has been exporting cars all over the world since1978. Today Matsushima Holdings exports to over 37 countries across the world.

Backed by over four decades of experience, Matsushima Holdings has ventured into setting up the Tiger Shoji service center in Malaysia. The well experienced management and technical staff of Matsushima Holdings has been commissioned to transfer knowledge and technology to the Malaysian team.

The service centre takes a very Japanese approach into vehicle maintenance and customer care. Close attention is paid to quality of service and very intricate procedures are followed to ascertain the every servicing or repair need is fulfilled to the best standards.

The core value is to promote "Delightful Car Life" to Malaysian motorists.

Our Mission

Tiger shoji is built on PASSION to grow the TRUST and BOND of Malaysian clientele. The idea in Malaysia is to promote the "Ideal and Delightful Car Life" while being environmentally friendly. Tiger Shoji is also entering into charitable foundations in Malaysia to support the needy and underprivileged children. Our WISH is to make the world a better place.

About Matsushima Holdings

In Kyoto, the Matsushima Holdings story started in 1955 as an authorized dealer for Mazda. As time progressed the company expanded as a Mercedes-Benz authorized dealer in 1989. Not long after that in 1992 Matsushima Holdings became the authorized dealer for Volkswagen and Audi. In 1999 the company secured was appointed as an authorized BMW dealer and in 2003 as a dealer for Volvo vehicles.

Today the group has 14 showrooms in Japan including MINI and SMART dealerships. Complementing these retails store are full-fledged service centres with skilled workforce and up-to-date equipment. It is one of the most formidable complex dealers in Japan.

The Matsushima Holdings has a very society and human based philosophy, Matsushima Holdings grows the customers TRUST and COOPERATION while improving PROSPERITY and the HAPPINESS of the human society.

For more information on Matsushima Holdings visit http://www.kamig.co.jp/tiger/network.html